Tailored. is born out of the idea that social media should never have a one-size-fits-all approach.

Instead, we craft tailored strategies, creative, and campaigns for each brand and consumer's individual needs. Because, we know just how unique those are. All of our strategies are informed by data & insights and positioned to bring in the best results to help you hit your KPIs. Our team has worked all over the globe with decades of experience and deeply understand the global and local mindset when it comes to crafting ideas and work for brands.

Tailored. is passionate about giving marginalised voices space in the industry. Not only are we led by an autistic woman, but through our hiring practices, the companies we work with, and the work we produce, we ensure that we're always acting from a diverse and inclusive position.

Here's what we do

Strategies tailored to your brand and customer to ensure positive results across all digital touchpoints.
Data & Insights
We use data & insights to inform our strategies insuring that your consumer is at the forefront of everything we do.
Always-on, thumb-stopping imagery and video that resonates with your audience and can be produced quickly and effectively.
We approach our creative strategically and vice versa. This ensures that whatever we do, it not only performs, but gets people talking.
We're social first and so is our production philosophy. We know brands need quick content—and lots of it—for their social channels.